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Frequently Asked Questions

How to post a job?

It’s very easy to place an open vacany, click on the “Post a Job” button in the upper right.

How much does it cost to post a job?

The publication of vacancies on the site is completely 100% free.

If I post a job, will I receive spam mailings?

No, because your email address is not visible on the site if you yourself do not publish it in the description of the company or vacancy.

How long will my vacancy be relevant?

Typically, an ad is automatically disabled from impressions 3 months (90 days) after publication. You will receive an email one week before the deadline. You also have the opportunity to re-publish your ad on your profile. After renewal in a month, your ad will be automatically deleted from the site.

How  to delete my ad?

Once you consider that you have found a suitable candidate, you can remove the vacancy either contact administration by email

How to apply for a job?

In the description of each vacancy, there are two options for responding to a vacancy, through the form of communication with the employer or by phone if it is indicated in the description.

Who can see my contacts?

If you are an agent / company and marked your contacts in the description of the company, then your contacts will be visible. Email is hidden by default, unless you want to show it publicly in the description. All settings are available in your account. Candidate data is shown only to the employer, in case of your response to the vacancy.

If I added my CV, who can see it?

Your Application Form, Resume / CV is not visible to anyone until you send it to your employer / agent.

I applied for a job when employer will get my message?

The employer will receive a message emmidiatelly when you submit your application. If your abilities reflect the stated requirements of the employer, then he will definitely answer you. You, in turn, will receive a message from the employer in your personal account and to the email you specified.

How fast does your support respond?

Try it now :)