How to post an open vacancy

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How to post a Job

Posting a  job at sea offer with us takes just two minutes. Vacancy announcements should be placed using only your company email, so the candidates can contact the agent by email or by phone and submit an application form.

When creating a job posting note the following:

  1. Create your company account.
  2. Once you registered, you will able to post the job from your dashboard.
  3. It is absolutelly free.
  4. A vacancy announcement is placed for a months in auto mode, but the expiring date can be changed any time.
  5. When you add a job, your proposition will be linked directly to your company’s email.  All candidates will apply to your registered email.
  6. All your ads will be visible when viewing your company profile.
How to post job at sea
Post a job from your company account

Please, write a job offer description only in English.

To get right candidate please state clearly what kind of job your offered, job description and other requirements if applicable. If  help needed, feel free to contact us