Job Interviewing

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Job Interviewing

How to pass an interview when applying for a job and how to behave? What to say and what to keep silent on the interview? Such questions are very exciting for the upcoming conversation with the employer and this is a key factor in order to get a decent job. Before answering such questions, consider what the interview with your employer is.

A job interview is a clarification of the applicant’s experience as well as his personal qualities.

An interview is a conversation of two people, one of whom is an employer who wants to get a worthy candidate to his team, and on the other hand is a person who needs: work, conditions, and of course wages ie money. In order to get the job announced, you need to exert maximum effort to get it.

Your skills

If you already have a lot of experience searching and getting a job, remember that you must prepare in advance for each new job interview. And this preparation is usually the key factor. Highly qualified specialists treat the interview more responsibly, and they rightly claim to be a highly paid job. The lower the specialist qualifications, the worse he is ready for the interview, you ask? No, this is not entirely true, but preparing for an interview is the key to getting a job. The interview opens the door wide enough for everyone without exception. And the applicant quite deservedly gets a job after an interview, if he adheres to some but important rules.

What is important things to know about the interview

When you receive an invitation for an interview, use these tips and they will help you in the interview. An interview for admission to work should be considered as negotiations on your cooperation.

How is the interview

During the interview with your future leader, the following qualities are important:

    • To be able to present oneself as a person who clearly knows his own value and his own individuality,
    • Understand what can refuse and be able to accept it,

Your skills: 

    • Perseverance
    • Resistance to stress
    • Goodwill
    • Charm
    • Accuracy
    • Punctuality
    • A responsibility
    • Initiative

How to behave in a conversation with the employer

  1. Introduce yourself. Politeness and patience are important points.
  2. Fill out all the forms and forms that you offer.
  3. But look away from each other.
  4. Listen carefully to the questions and speech, without interrupting the interlocutor.
  5. If you do not understand, ask again.
  6. Answer essentially. Talk is the enemy.
  7. Be truthful in all your answers.
  8. Do not deny the facts that may be known to the interlocutor.
  9. Hold on with dignity. Losers do not need anyone in the team.
  10. If you can ask, ask, but do not get carried away
  11. Ask questions, ask about working conditions and responsibility.
  12. Do not ask questions about wages.
  13. Specify how you can find out the results of your interview. You are not alone on their list.
  14. At the end of the interview, do not forget about politeness.

You do not need to be prepared for every interview for all these points, but still it is necessary to know the general rules. The employer also adheres to its rules in conducting an interview with a future candidate.

Remember first of all that the employer is interested in the selection of qualified specialists. Try to demonstrate your relevant qualities during such a conversation.